Alfred My Hotel

The App customized for your Hotel

With Alfred customers always brings with them a piece of your Hotel: they can communicate their needs and be reachable anywhere, anytime from your offerings and your promotions. Alfred is a direct channel between your Hotel and your customers.

Why Alfred?

Discover the advantages of our App

Amaze your Customers

The modern Customer is demanding, attentive to managers who know how to take care of her needs. With Alfred your guest is facilitated in letting you known her wishes spontaneously. As you know the success of your Hotel depends on how much you care about your customers and it is therefore very important to have as many tools as possible to allow them to communicate information to you very important to them.

Communicate with your Customers

Since the Customer has booked on a booking site, throughout the time that remains guest of the Hotel and for the rest of the year you will be able to communicate with him. With Alfred you can alert your customers about special promotions or last minute offers.

Encourage the Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. In the modern era the "advice of" means sharing own experiences through social networks. Alfred integrates seamlessly with all of the social functionality provided by a smartphone. Social sharing means word of mouth and word of mouth means new customers.

Watch Alfred in action

Alfred provides the same user experience (UX) on Android (Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc.), Windows Phone (Nokia), iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad), Smartphone and Tablet.

Informs your Customers

From your website, on your Facebook page, through an email sent immediately after booking or directly at the reception of your Hotel: inform your Customer about the existence of your app. Once installed he can:

  • Reach your Hotel through the navigator of your smartphone
  • Add the Hotel phone to favorite contacts
  • Call the Hotel directly
  • Send email to the Hotel
  • Knowing the times for check-in, check-out, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Knowing the types of payments accepted: cash, credit cards, ATM, etc.
  • Knowing the facilities present in your Hotel: bars, restaurants, swimming pools, spa & beauty center, parking, etc.
  • Know the local Events
  • Know Places to visit in the surrounding area as Monuments, Exhibitions, Museums, etc.
Alfred My Hotel
Alfred My Hotel

Listen to your Customers

At check-in you will give your Customer a password through which he will access the Services section of the App where he can:

  • Display the menu of the restaurant
  • Book services offered by the Hotel (massages, tours, shuttles, etc.).
  • Send communications directly to the reception (intolerances, allergies, problems with the rooms, etc.).

Promote your Hotel

From the moment Customer install your App you can keep him updated on:

  • Local events
  • Promotions for special occasions (New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.).
  • Last minute promotions

And he will encourage word of mouth:

  • Through the Social features of Alfred
  • Through positive reviews on TripAdvisor or
Alfred My Hotel

Customize Alfred

Alfred is an App designed to be customized with:


                                        The logo, colors, pictures of your Hotel.


The address, telephone, email, timetables, services, payments accepted, etc.


All the news from your Hotel.

Alfred My Hotel


What one can do in your Hotel or in the surrounding area (Museums, Exhibitions, Works of Art, Monuments, etc.).


The menu of your restaurant.                                        


Special offers, last minute throughout the year.

How does it work?

  • You
    1. You Purchase the version you want (see Prices for more info):
      • Android
      • Android + Windows Phone
      • Android + Windows Phone + iOS
    2. You provide us logo, pictures and data of your Hotel according to the screens you want
  • We
    1. We create the customized App with the material you have provided us
    2. We publish it on the various store (Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Phone Store)
    3. We teach you how to manage it

In a few days you will have your App published on various store ready to be installed and used by your Customers!

Alfred My Hotel

How much?

Versions and Prices


799 /year

  • One time
  • App Customization
  • Text Translation to Italian (if you want)
  • Publishing on the Store
  • Training
  • Always
  • Maintenance on the Store
  • Information Updates
  • Functionality Updates
  • Bug Fix

Android + Windows Phone

899 /year

  • One time
  • App Customization
  • Text Translation to Italian (if you want)
  • Publishing on the Store
  • Training
  • Always
  • Maintenance on the Store
  • Information Updates
  • Functionality Updates
  • Bug Fix

Android + Windows Phone + iOS

999 /year

  • One time
  • App Customization
  • Text Translation to Italian (if you want)
  • Publishing on the Store
  • Training
  • Always
  • Maintenance on the Store
  • Information Updates
  • Functionality Updates
  • Bug Fix

All prices are excluding VAT


Frequently Asked Questions
No. Alfred was thought to be the least invasive as possible for both you and for your clients who do not have a smartphone / tablet or who do not want to use it. Alfred, thanks to conservative design choices, is in addition to what you do, but do not replace or modify it.
Our App, compared to a site, it is much more immediate and direct to the Customer and offers features that are not possible with the site:
  • there are no addresses to type or remember: the app on your smartphone is there ready to be launched with a touch;
  • contains only the useful information, in a structured format for easier understanding and are always at hand wherever you are, even offline;
  • the structure of the App is simple and easy to read;
  • the Customer can communicate with the reception even if he's not physically in Hotel eg.: he goes out for hiking and being able to see the menu he can decide whether to return for dinner and in case communicating the food choices, or if he stop out, etc.
  • this App will be the best tool available to your Customer from the instant after the reservation until the day of departure and beyond thanks to news, events and promotions.
They will know:
  • through your website and/or through your Facebook page;
  • through the emails you will exchange with them (eg. you may send them an email with references to the App immediatly after you recieved their reservation);
  • once they arrive at your Hotel, where they will find the paper material to the reception (or wherever you like) on which were printed the QR code (two-dimensional barcode) that will allow them to install the App in an instant;
  • by searching it on various store (Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store)
No. For them, the App will be completely free.
Your customers will be encouraged to install your app when they will want to know one or more of the following things:
  • What can we visit in the surrounding area?
  • What can we do tonight?
  • What's for dinner?
  • At what time we have to leave the room?
  • How far is that place from the Hotel?
  • How do we book that service (eg. massage, hiking, shuttle to and from the airport, etc.)?
  • etc.
Yes. If you already have a website or a Facebook page, we can find the logo and photographs from that.
Yes. Do you already have for example a Facebook page you keep up to date? Alfred can connect to this page to instantly download all the related posts and show them from the smartphone.
Yes. All the printed materials that you have can be scanned and shared with your customers through Alfred.
Yes. In every page of Alfred there is always an icon in the upper right corner that lets you share a message with the logo of your Hotel and website URL through social networks available on your smartphone (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest , etc.).

Alfred is also integrated with TripAdvisor widgets and Facebook social plugins (these features are not available in the demo).

Social sharing means word of mouth and word of mouth means new customers.
Approximately 3-4 weeks. The longer time is required to publish the App on the various store because Apple, Google and Microsoft will take some time (up to 8 days for Apple) to view, evaluate and approve the publication of an App on their store.
No. Alfred is an app designed to be run by NON technical staff, in total autonomy and without the need to install any software.

You can update the news, events, restaurant menus, promotions, you can manage communications with customers of your Hotel in simple way and without any technical knowledge.

The offer includes a half day of training where we will explain to you step by step how to do.

You'll see, it will be very easy.
No problem. You let us know with an email and we update all versions of your App on the stores.
Yes. Alfred is a multidevice App designed for smartphone and tablet.
Yes. Alfred supports at least two languages: Italian and English.
No problem. Just email us and we'll remove it from all stores.
It Depends. We are always available to listen to your requests and to assess their feasibility.
Developing an App from scratch with the same features offered by Alfred costs some thousand euro, as for any other App. For more information search on the Internet 'how much to make an app'.
To access the Services section of the App enter a date and the code alfred123